Signs of a Pest Infestation in Your Home or Business

Stains on the walls, damaged objects and accumulation of dirt are clear signs that urban pests are nearby. But how to identify that pest responsible for the infestation? Were they cockroaches, ants, rats or termites?

The truth is that most of these beings go unnoticed by humans. Therefore, many people only realize the damage when the damage is already done. Here comes the challenge of finding these pest infestations.

Pest Infestation: How to Identify?

The information that follows does not replace the technical inspection of a professional immunizer, since even among termite species a different control procedure is necessary, but at least they collaborate to know if we are dealing with rats, cockroaches, termites, ants or fleas. Check out!

Mice Infestations: How to Identify?

The rats go out to feed at night, so you will hardly see them circling around. Evidence of a rat infestation includes:

Gnaws: they appear in the form of parallel grooves, found in baseboards, furniture corners and food containers.

Stains: the rats leave a trail of dirt and fat wherever they go. Over time, the coloring of the walls and furniture becomes darker at these points.

Noises: sounds similar to those of human steps are a sign that there may be animals in the roof lining.

Odor: the unpleasant smell, similar to that of ammonia, becomes stronger as the colony grows.

Cockroach Infestation: How to Identify

Cockroaches breed more intensely in the summer. However, they can infest an environment at any time of the year. Here’s how to identify the problem:

Stains: when there is a very high concentration of cockroaches in the environment, stains may appear in the corners of the walls. They are brown and irregularly shaped.

Odor: this insect produces an unpleasant smell, similar to the stench of mold. The more intense, the worse the infestation.

Stool: cockroach poop resembles a dark powder. It is usually noticeable in hot, humid and greasy places, such as the kitchen.

Live insect: if the cockroach appears in broad daylight, it is because it was unable to eat at night. In other words: possibly there are many of them overcrowding the territory.

Termite and Borer Infestation: How to Identify?

Termites and borers are known to devour wood. Without control, these pests can destroy the entire structure of house or business furniture in a short time. Here are the signs of infestation:

Wings: Siriris, or hallelujahs, are the winged form of termites. They flock to reproduce. When they find wood to make a nest, they lose their wings. Conclusion: if you have transparent wings on the furniture, it is a sign that the insects have already installed themselves there.

Bran: you know that light brown powder that accumulates behind the door, near skirting boards or next to pieces of wood? It’s termite poop or drill.

Dirt paths: soil termites leave dark trails across the wall. That’s because they live on the land, but roam the entire environment in search of food.

Hollow wood: infested structures have cracks and holes. In an advanced stage of degradation, they can fall apart like paper.

Ant infestation: How to Identify?

Ants usually carry fungi and bacteria. For this reason, they are a dangerous vector of infections, especially in hospitals and in the food industry. Pay attention to the signs:

Abnormal quantity: sometimes an ant or another appears from the street. However, when there are many of them together, they are probably part of an invasive colony.

Ants trail: insects release pheromones to let other members of the colony know where the food is. It only takes a few minutes to form an immense line of ants.

Flea infestation: How to Identify?

Fleas are more common in homes with pets, although they can also infest other places. They hide in the carpet, on the sofa and in the cracks in the floor, where they lay eggs and can go up to 180 days without eating. The clues to find them include:

Faeces: flea droppings are tiny, about 0.5mm. In dogs, it is possible to perceive them in the belly, the back, the ears and the tail of the animal.

Itching: Unfortunately, this pest is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. You feel the main sign on your skin when you have an itchy bite.

Marks on the body: the flea attack leaves a “constellation” of red spots on humans. Pets, on the other hand, can lose hair and develop sores.

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